ROSELI RIVA - Event & Wedding Planner

ROSELI RIVA is born in Brazil to a Tuscan family and raised in Belgium. She is an Event & Wedding Planner and among the first Gay Wedding Planners in Italy certified by the Gay Institute of New York. Moreover, she helds a teaching in Luxury Business in the most prestigious Fashion Institute worldwide based in Florence (Polimoda).

Prior to starting her company, Rosy served for ten years as Chief of Staff of the Mayor of Pontassieve (Italy) in her quality of director of public relations and protocol officer. She has over 15 years' experience in the luxury fashion industry (GUCCI) and is a highly skilled manager of events around the world promoting the best of Tuscany's way of life and products in particular under the Tuscan institutional brand "Wine&FashionFlorence".

Rosy is also a Wine Expert and speaks Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Dutch and a little bit of Chinese Mandarin.

The contemporary Etiquette helps us to create an international dialogue in a global world: it introduces us in the complex international network of rules that govern good behavior in public and in each circumstances in both our daily business and social interactions in a world that is continuously changing.

The understanding of Etiquette (and Protocol) stands for the approach adopted in treating others with deep respect and consideration. It helps us also to solve the issues that arise from diverse and multicultural people and it enhances our personal image while building healthy relationship with others.