MATTHEW MYHRUM - Event Visualization

Good communication of design matters because it can bring dreams to life. As dream-makers, we are only as effective as our ability to weave a compelling visual story to our clients. This is the foundation from which I have built my business.

Matthew began his artistic career as a video and set designer for theatre in New York City. Over the course of a decade, he designed scenery and video for regional theater productions, assisted set and video designers on Broadway shows, and created renderings, schematic drawings, and printed graphics for television.

His first foray into the luxury event industry was working for Preston Bailey, where he spent two years as Preston’s Production Designer. It was there that he discovered how he could use his talents and skills from theatre to make a difference in the event industry.

Matthew Myhrum has spent the last decade helping the best of the best in weddings and events to present their creative vision through 3D renderings, design drawings, and illustrations. His company, Matthew Myhrum Event Visualization, Inc., has become the go-to creative partner for planners and designers who need to provide a higher level of service for their brides and grooms by providing visuals that tell the story of their event effectively.

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