The Masterclass Experience

The first edition of a revolutionary event for the international event industry will be held in Disneyland Paris from Monday 25 to Thursday 28 February 2019: it’s Concept to Creation (C2C), conceived and organized by the well-known Florentine wedding & event planner Monica Balli.

C2C, whose leit-motiv is significantly Awakening creativity to be trendsetters, is aimed at 30 selected top event organizers from all over the world. It will offer them truly exclusive master classes, as for teachers level (all internationally recognized gurus) and concepts – an academy of excellence that could mark a turning point in the industry methods and training practices.

The format is based on the continuing education offered to YPO-WPO members (Association of Young Presidents, of which Monica Balli is a member): entrepreneurs, CEOs and top managers from all over the world, with millions of dollars in revenues and companies of thousands of employees. To name a few of the participants: Ferragamo, Fendi, Perini, Google, Facebook, Hotels.com, Unilever, Morgan Stanley Private Equity.

The aim of C2C is to deepen the areas of interest for event organizers, as well as for the business of their companies and for their personal lives, as they are closely linked to work. For this reason, teachers and learners will have a very high profile, selected both among the top-notch industry professionals and within YPO.

Important: it will be a networking-among-peers event. Participants – due to their high professional level – will be able to interact with teachers in perfect equality. It is experiential education, not just lectures.

Ten seminar areas will be set up for 30 selected participants at the most.

30 selected









Education through hands on sessions, with a special focus on the international market and on how creativity combined to practical can create trends making you a leader in your segment.

C2C aims at bringing to you the world, for how small it is today, within cross culture and being able awakening creativity to be creating trends in events.


Grow the business by interacting and mentoring from the best of the best. Helping create the future entepreneurs and trend setters of the industry.


30 selected C2C attendees will consist of the events industry cross section cultivated from by 10 selected Country Ambassadors.

We will ask for suggestions for event planners, designers, production companies and others rotating in this world that will bring an added value during the sessions and the  networking events.


This will be a global event, inviting experinced proven professionals in the events field and vendors within the segment from around the world.

Why Disneyland® Paris Weddings:

Who better than Disney to turn a love story into a fairy tale? With Disney Magic, endless possibilities await for your very special celebration. Located next to the city of love, Disneyland Paris offers the perfect romantic scenery to make this day the most memorable celebration. We open our doors to bring to life all of couples’ dreams and desires, in a storybook setting with Sleeping Beauty Castle as a background.

Disneyland Paris is Europe’s number one tourist destination with two spectacular theme parks, seven themed Disney hotels, several event venues. For over 24 years, a team of experts has been bringing the magic of Disney to tailor-made events, with more than 20 areas of expertise such as story-telling, catering, audio-visual, mapping among others.

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." 

Walt Disney



Reverly Events Designers


Event Designer


Matthew Myhrum Event Visualization


Event & Wedding Planner


Disneyland® Paris Weddings

Our motto is there is "strength in numbers and knowledge is power". Join us in unleashing your knowledge to create a more powerful industry.


10 international event professionals as Destination Ambassadors

Your go to professional for any need, info, curiosity of that destination.



We, at L'amore Weddings, strive to provide our clients with the best experience of their lives. Weddings are all about joy and love and we ensure that these are the only things our clients and their family feel on this special occasion. Apart from planning everything from A to Z, we pride ourselves with our creative designs and constantly try to formulate something new and customised with each wedding. For Mrs. Gunjan Bansal, the CEO, creativity is very important in a wedding since that's one of the key aspects that makes the event memorable. Moreover, fabricating unique designs and new concepts is only half the work, the most crucial part is execution which she believes must be done immaculately. A perfectionist at heart, Mrs. Gunjan Bansal emphasises that a perfect balance is requisite between various elements of a wedding, consequently ensuring a hassle-free experience.



JoAnn Gregoli began her career as a corporate event planner. Her passion for weddings led her into the event industry. One of her greatest and moving memories is the assistance program she provided on 9/11 in NYC. Once the World Trade Center was attacked she realized that many brides (and even her own) were impacted. She reached out to all the local magazine editors and asked them to put out the word that there is help. She was able to assist more than 200 brides with relocating their weddings to other venues in and around the city. Her true passion in life is travel and she was one of the original destination wedding planners on the scene. She co-authored the KNOTS GUIDE To DESTINATION WEDDINGS. She was named as one of the top 25 influencial destination planners in the world. Modern Bride named her as the destination trend setter. She is also a single MOM to 6 amazing children. They are her crowning achievements in life



Founder Elie Berchan is a graduate in Hospitality Management from both Les Roches International School of Hotel Management and the Institut Hotelier Cesar Ritz in Switzerland. Elie Berchan has over 10 years' experience in top hotel chains around the world including Armani Hotel, Grand Hyatt Atlanta, and Raffles Dubai. In 2010, Elie Berchan set up Elie Berchan Wedding and Events Creation to allow his own creative flair to create the events that his clients dreamed of. Elie Berchan is an award winning, internationally acclaimed event creator. He is frequently quoted in newspapers and magazines in his capacity as a wedding expert. He is often invited to speak at global conferences and offers workshops at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland to future event planners from around the world. ‘It is only through creativity that new trends are being set. Be different, Be unique, Be yourself! Set a trend, set a way of life.’



Frank Damgaard, founder of Monte-Carlo Weddings, has a long history in the luxury event industry. With 15 years of high hotel management experience, 10 years in first class catering and restaurant business behind him, Frank decided to create his now well established wedding planning agency and hasn’t looked back since. Frank has organised some of the biggest and most exclusive weddings in the South of France and with his team of top notch suppliers, he has established himself as an unavoidable pièce of the puzzle in the event industry. In 2015 and with its success as an reputable event agency around the world, Monte-Carlo Weddings proudly let Harvard University use them for their first ever business case study in their luxury education program.



Tuscan by birth, International by inspiratio: this is me, Monica Balli. Owner andf founder of Lime srl – holder of the brands Monica Balli Events & TuscanBites .With over a decade in destination weddings-events and destination catering, we love creating success through entertainment and beauty. My passion is in what is outside of the box, thinking and believing that what we can create is limit-less. Living a passion in the now creating the future.



I have been identified as a trendsetter in the destination world by Modern Bride Magazine Having planned over 100 destination weddings worldwide, it allowed me the opportunity to take weddings and expand them into the world of destinations. I have written the KNOTS Guide to Destination weddings and allowed the couples to see how weddings can be part of a longer process of celebration. I personally love to think about the box and create events that are memorable and different for all my couples. I like to make a statement take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Take the old and mix and up I say. Try Serve food from chandliers or from walking tables - have ceremonies in the round create memories and visuals that have never been done before. I love to be a disrupter and take what is normal and make it unique!!! We can all be a trendsetter, by mixing it up!!!



Dream, Create and Pursue Mirjam Shah is the creative director of Wedding Guru_Handpicked Lifestyle. She designs destination weddings, business events and honeymoons worldwide. Working from her Amsterdam office she works together with many luxury hotels and villas and local wedding planners all over the world. Her motto is Dream, Create and Pursue. Being creative is an important part of her work as an event planner and travel designer. “Being a creative in the event industry means challenging myself every day and facing my fears. There are no creative limits, breaking with routine and doing things out of the box is part of it. I love the process and being able to creatively dream it up, design it and finally the logistics of the production. I am searching for inspiration everywhere, that is part of being a creative. I do this by travelling to new places, visiting a museum and look at paintings and installations , looking at flowers and plants in a park or in a floral shop or just have a coffee in a beautiful venue and feel the vibe and look at the people. I spend a lot of my time researching and visiting great locations and venues world wide. I look locally for vendors for fabrics, furniture, flowers, stationery and other décor items. And last but not least creative catering is super important for me. I believe these things combined are the heart of an event. I love creating an event together with these curated and highly creative professionals. “




When will this happen:

Monday 25th February to Thursday 28th February 2019

Where : Disneyland Paris

“The way to get started is quit talking and start doing”

Walt Disney


Arrive and be ready for the kick-off party on  will be our home, although you may pick any hotel on site and our concierge service will be here in the lobby.

Monday February 25th 2019 at 7pm at Disney Paris-. We will take care of you from here onwards. Get ready to rock it!

Full agenda available after sign up in reserved area.


Concept to Creation,  C2C, is the next educational target for any event professional who wants to Awaken their  Creativity to be trend setters in their professional and personal life, network among International selected piers and have fun at our social events.

The investment to attend  is Euro 2.500 per person and includes

5 Masterclasses

For you to pick upon your intrest out of 5 Each of us is different, for this we created 5 masterclasses where you decide which topic you are most interested on. First serve basis upon confirmation attendance

Designer Gifting & 1 Day Park Ticket

Plenary session

Kick off the educational with a session that fit all of us with YPO-WPO award inning resource. This will be the only one where all of us will attend.

Coffee breaks

Mid morning & mid afternoons Coffe break to network. Lets relax, network within your masterclass, share with mid morning & mid afternoon coffee breaks

Networking Lunches

On Tuesday & Wednesday Fabulous lunches in the Disney Village, the best networking opportunities to meet new and old friends, discover and chat with our ambassadors and meet our fabulous partners.

3 Social evenings parties

We love education, but we love to have fun, party and network. Come discover our social events (only to sign ups we will unveil the peculiarities which trust me will be awesome and only for c2c friends)

What is not included

  • Flight and transfer to Disney Paris
  • Hotel room, where we have preferred rate

Our motto is there is "strength in numbers and knowledge is power". Join us in unleashing your knowledge to create a more powerful industry.



We have arranged special deals for your at any of the Disney hotels. The heart of the event will be the DisneyHotel 5*****, but all others are easely connected and for any likes and budget.

Glide into a magical life of luxury. Just a short stroll from the gates of the Park, this majestic Victorian-inspired Hotel delivers only the finest Disney quality, service and hospitality. And you can even enjoy extra magic in the Disney Parks*.

Link to Disney Hotels


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